Experiencing Mental Health Issues and Creating a Community of Support with Lisette and Catherine


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Content Warning: Intrusive thoughts, birth trauma, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, OCD, postpartum OCD, intrusive thoughts/compulsions around sleep and food, challenges with nursing, rage, trauma, fear, NICU experience, and some swearing.

Hello and welcome to Perinatal Wellbeing episode #12! Today I’m talking with Lisette and Catherine from Together Waterloo, Together came out of a desire to increase the services available to families struggling with perinatal mental health in Waterloo Region. Their goal is to increase support systems, educate health care providers, and build a village so that no parent is left behind. In part 1 of this episode Catherine and Lisette share their experiences in the perinatal period and the mental health challenges they faced.

Lisette Weber is a postpartum doula, the Social Media Manager for PSI and co-founder at Together Waterloo along with Catherine Mellinger an expressive arts therapist. They are both trained in Perinatal Mental Health and are making things happen in this space!


3:26 - Catherine’s story

6:08 - Symptoms of OCD in pregnancy, intrusive thoughts

18:32 - Healthcare Practitioner Experiences; mental health and pregnancy screening

37:57 - Lisette’s birth story, birth trauma, postpartum experience, challenges with nursing,

44:15 - Lack of supports in her area and discovering the need for more supports


Together Waterloo https://togetherwaterloo.ca/
Instagram @togetherwaterloo

The Climb https://togetherwaterloo.ca/cotd-waterloo/
Instagram @psiclimbout

Lisette https://postpartumsidekick.ca
Instagram @postpartumsidekick

Catherine https://catherinemellinger.com
Instagram @catherine_mellinger

Reproductive Life stages Program at Women’s College Hospital Toronto

You can find us at www.perinatalwellbeing.ca on Instagram @perinatalwellbeing_ontario or by email info@perinatalwellbeing.ca

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