Kelley’s Experience with Postpartum Anxiety and the Pressures of Sleep Training


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Content Warning: Anxiety, stigma around medication, pressures to sleep train, intrusive and suicidal thoughts
Today’s Guest is Kelley Hassanpour, RN who is the Founder over at Parenting From Within. Kelley experienced postpartum anxiety after the birth of her son. Kelley recognized the symptoms at 13 months postpartum and started her recovery journey then. Kelley experienced pressure to sleep train her son from her doctor and shares how this experience added to her anxiety. Kelley recently founded Parenting From Within in order to provide education, support and community to new parents, providing the support she felt she could’ve used when she had her son. We touched on some important topics including perfectionism and anxiety, the stigma around mental health medications, suicidal and intrusive thoughts, seeking support and so much more!


4:10 - Pregnancy Story

5:45 - Perfectionism and anxiety

8:10 - Experiencing postpartum anxiety and the intersection with being a NICU nurse

9:52 – Reluctancy around medication and stigma around mental health medication

14:55 - Noticing the signs of postpartum anxiety at 13 months old

16:12 - Suicidal and intrusive Thoughts

19:00 - Seeking Support

21:05 - Reflecting on signs and symptoms of anxiety in the first year

26:35 - Sleep and pressure to sleep train

36:52 - Recognizing anxiety vs worry

41:50 - Partner’s experience

45:55 - Post-Birth planning

50:05 – More pressure to sleep train

52:30 - Recovery including medication and therapy

1:02:18 - Returning to work

1:03:15 - Parenting from Within – Kelley’s Organization

1:16 - What is missing from Perinatal support?


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= 60% of families say they have bedshared at some point

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