Nicole's Experience with an Ectopic Pregnancy


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Content Warning: Ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy loss, trauma, medical procedures, surgery, a near miss and grief.

My guest today is Nicole Leijh, RSSW who is a perinatal therapist in private practice in Muskoka Ontario. Over the past few months, we’ve gotten to know each other and become friends and I was so honoured when Nicole agreed to share her experience with an ectopic pregnancy. Nicole endured a lot last year and shares her story in order to raise awareness about ectopic pregnancies and to advocate for more education and better care for people experiencing pregnancy loss.

You can find Nicole at


3:20 - What is ectopic pregnancy?

4:35 - Nicole’s story

5:47 - Signs of a miscarriage

7:15 - Ultrasound confirmed ectopic pregnancy

8:48 – Told to go to the E.R.

11:14 – Medication to treat the ectopic pregnancy

17:11 – Experiencing pain and returning to hospital after some hesitation

24:47 – Talk with surgeon, advised that Nicole would need emergency surgery

27:23 – Leaving her son for the first time since his birth

28:29 – Realization that Nicole had postpartum depression and anxiety

30:08 – Having to stop nursing because of the medication

32:05 – Surgery

36:25 – Nicole’s husband experience of being in the parking lot during her surgery

40:43 – Discharge, after-care and recovery

46:12 – Post-trauma symptoms

46:53 – Support system

50:35 – Emotional/mental recovery

52:14 – The Due Date

54:28 – Difficulty in finding external supports

56:30 – Raising awareness about ectopic pregnancies, sharing information about ectopic pregnancies

1:02:55 – Where Nicole is at today with her healing

1:03:35 – Advocating to hospitals to make positive changes to ectopic pregnancy care

1:05:40 – What would Nicole have needed during her experience

1:12:19 – What does Nicole want to see change in this space


You can find Nicole at

Information about Ectopic pregnancies

Support at PAIL Network

Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings

Pregnancy Loss Support at Postpartum Support International

You can find us at on Instagram @perinatalwellbeing_ontario or by email

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