Unrealistic Expectations of Motherhood


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Content Warning: Mention of birth trauma, baby blues, obstetric violence, NICU, some swearing, gendered language.

Today’s Guest is Kelley Hassanpour, RN who is the Founder over at Parenting From Within and we are talking about the unrealistic expectations of motherhood. We covered a wide range of topics from gendered stereotypes to patriarchy’s impact on motherhood and the systems that we birth in to integrating our mom parts. We could do a separate episode on each of these topics, so this is really just to get the conversation going!


3:30 – Perfect Mommy Myth “Being a good mom” “mom as martyr”

7:55 - Integrating mom parts

9:20 – Taking care of ourselves last

10:00 - Expectations around birth and postpartum that you should experience pain, discomfort “suck it up”

13:05 – Patriarchy and gender stereotypes and their impact on our health care

14:24 – Losing our dignity in birth, birth-trauma, obstetric violence

16:50 - Trauma-informed care as the standard

19:08 - Myth of natural motherhood

21:35 – Shame

34:47 – Mental Load of motherhood

38:14 - Gender roles and division of labour

45:58 – Unrealistic Expectations of women’s beauty and bouncing back after birth

48:29 – “You still need you”, doing things that connect you to you

51:12 – How can we break down these myths and stereotypes?


Dr. Sophie Brock https://drsophiebrock.com

Brené Brown’s Podcast https://brenebrown.com/podcast-show/unlocking-us/

The 4th Trimester By Kimberly Ann Johnson


Untamed by Glennon Doyle


You can find Kelley at https://www.parentingfromwithin.ca

Facebook @parentingfromwithin

Instagram @parenting_from_within_

You can find us at www.perinatalwellbeing.ca on Instagram @perinatalwellbeing_ontario or by email info@perinatalwellbeing.ca

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