Vikki’s experience with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety Following a Traumatic Birth Part 1


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Content Warning: Birth trauma, postnatal depression and anxiety, mention of suicidal thoughts, breastfeeding trauma and eating disorders.

Today is part 1 of my interview with Vikki Stephenson, host of Blum Mumdays Podcast and mum to Stanley! Vikki shares her story with postnatal depression and anxiety, following a traumatic birth in such an authentic and vulnerable way that I know so many people will relate to. Vikki discusses her birth story, her symptoms and struggles with nursing and post trauma symptoms.

Vikki is now a passionate advocate of perinatal mental health and is on a mission to help parents feel less alone through her podcast series Blue MumDays. Its purpose is to help other mums and dads better understand their illness and give them the hope that they will make a full recovery. It gives a voice to the lived experience of real sufferers who have reached the other side, and – through interviews with experts - will signpost mums, dads, their partners and friends to help and support that may be hard to find. Blue Mumdays dispels myths, normalizes the conversation and smashes stigma of perinatal illness. It offers a safe space, encourages self-compassion and uplifts with frank – and sometimes funny – conversations around all things perinatal.


6:00 - Vikki’s why for starting her podcast

11:15 - First signs of PND

14:19 - Birth Trauma, not being support or validated

16:56 - Racism and the impacts on birth trauma

19:15 – Sharing with Stanley about PND, The bond with your child, impacts on the family

23:05 - Being aware of our symptoms, recovery isn’t linear,

27:03 - Concerns about medication, stigma

35:15 - Vikki’s birth story, birth trauma

43:50 - Childhood abuse, impact on birth

48:25 - Having an advocate

51:55 - Stigma around different ways of giving birth and pain management

55:00 - The impact of birth trauma on Vikki’s parenting experience, anxiety being so present and doubting your parenting abilities, not trusting ourselves, trauma response


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