How to memorize lots of information | Lessons from a performance psychologist


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Have you ever found it challenging to remember all of the things you needed to know/bring up during an important meeting?
From information about your stakeholder to your pre-planned talking points to different negotiation methods, there's a lot for your brain to keep track of in a 30-60min meeting.
How do you remember to hit on each point while maintaining an organic flow to the conversation?
Worry no longer. On today's episode, I interview performance psychologist, Dr. Maryrose Blank, about this very topic. Dr. Blank (MR) shares a memorization technique that we can use to help bring our most persuasive selves to stakeholder meetings!
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Guest bio:
Dr. Maryrose Blank is a Sport and Performance Psychology Consultant with over 15 years of experience incorporating mental skills training with various populations to include the military, athletes and coaches at every level, and other high performing organizations. Specifically, Dr. Blank’s clients have ranged from 82nd and 18th Airborne Corp soldiers, to the Special Operations community both at Fort Bragg, NC and within the National Capitol Region.

In addition, Dr. Blank has worked at several colleges and universities to include Stony Brook University, Western Carolina University, and SUNY Geneseo College. She is the founder of Tier-1 Mindset, LLC where she partners with a multi-disciplinary team to effectively integrate cognition, fitness, and nutrition into programs designed to help individuals reach sustainable, peak performance.

Dr. Blank is a Certified Mental Performance Coach (CMPC) with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). Her passion is training individuals to reach health and performance goals through systematic mental skills training, using data analytics, biofeedback, and cognitive behavioral therapy methodology.

Her hobbies include mountain biking, ultra-racing, and spending time with her dog. She is an Upstate NY native and an avid Buffalo Bills fan. She currently resides in Northern Virginia. To find out more about her company, Tier-1 Mindset, LLC, check out or find them on IG @tier1mindset.

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