Tina Hansen is on a mission to save our planet


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On this episode of Simply Pets with Shannon Gregoire, we meet Tina Hansen. Tina is one of the hardest working veterinary students out there. Her drive started early in life, and came to a head when she spent a year in the military. She was given a choice between becoming a medic, which she had a passion for—and working with military dogs, another passion.

She went to Namibia for 5 weeks a while after high school to a volunteer project, “Naankuse”. Her team was working with all types of wildlife and horses. That is when the conservation bug bit her and she’s been volunteering a lot since then. Some of the trips she’s made included a week spent volunteering with elephants for a foundation Thailand. She later spent 2 weeks in Zimbabwe at an antelope park working with lions and horses.

In the next 5 years, she hopes to be an inspiration for others, and someone they can turn to for advice. She hopes to be a positive force for good, both for animals and for people.

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