Cyber Job Training & Matchmaking, Plus Another Ransomware Roundup


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Cybersecurity jobs are there for the taking, whether for prospective students or career changers willing to train, as employers desperately search for qualified staff. Dr. Marc Rogers of Purdue University joins us to talk about the shortage of cybersecurity pros in our home state of Indiana and beyond, and how a new website serves as a cyber career matchmaking tool. Dr. Rogers also discusses Purdue's Cyber Apprenticeship Program, the need for companies of all stripes to recognize their cyber exposure, and the state of cybersecurity and cyber threats today.
In cyber headlines, it's a ransomware-a-palooza...
Feds recover millions from pipeline ransom hackers, hint at U.S. internet tactic
REvil, A Notorious Ransomware Gang, Was Behind JBS Cyberattack, The FBI Says

New Triple Extortion Tactic

Fujifilm confirms ransomware attack

Capitol Hill vendor hit by ransomware attack: report
The rise of cybersecurity debt
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