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Cybersecurity headlines get the spotlight in Episode 21 of Ping: A Firewalls.com Podcast. What’s in the news this week? Andrew and Kevin cover PonyFinal ransomware and explain how it waits patiently to strike – come for the story, stay for the pony puns. We talk about about an Indonesian electoral records breach and why it should worry others as well. Then, it’s a story about a business email compromise (BEC) guru whose guruing days may be over after thefts from Electrolux and more. And finally, as a bonus headline we countdown 9 of the biggest breaches of 2020 so far.

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Here are the links to the cybersecurity headlines for this episode:

Headline 1 – PonyFinal Ransomware Targets Enterprise Servers then bides its time https://threatpost.com/ponyfinal-ransomware-enterprise-servers/156083/

Headline 2 – Indonesia Probes Breach of Data on More than 2 Million Voters https://www.reuters.com/article/us-indonesia-cyber-breach/indonesia-probes-breach-of-data-on-more-than-two-million-voters-idUSKBN22Y15K

Headline 3 – Electrolux, Others Conned out of Big Money by BEC Scammer

Headline 4 - The Biggest Hacks, Data Breaches of 2020 So Far https://www.zdnet.com/pictures/the-biggest-hacks-data-breaches-of-2020-so-far/

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