'Twas the Hack Before Christmas


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Here at Ping, we like to celebrate the holiday season by sharing stories. And since we’re in the network security business, they tend to have a bit of an unusual twist. Last year, we presented a CyberSecurity Christmas Carol (check it out here: https://www.firewalls.com/blog/cybersecurity-christmas-carol-ping-podcast-episode-9). And this Christmas, we offer a twist on another classic tale. Gather ‘round as we recite the holiday poem, ‘Twas the Hack Before Christmas.

In our headlines segment, Andrew & Kevin discuss some pretty major cyber stories, including a federal government hack, concerns about COVID-19 vaccine cybersecurity, and a Google outage that stopped the world briefly.

See the stories:

US agencies hacked in months-long global cyber-spying campaign

Hackers threaten to disrupt COVID-19 vaccine supply chain


Google: Here's what caused our big global outage


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Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!

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