Episode 26 - 2020 is A Win for Us (English) | #30HariBersuara


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Text for better understanding:
It was | an abominable start to begin the new decade | of the century
We had so much | so much hope But they | derailed | in ease
An irony | we | could not foresee
We thought, accidents happen
We thought, it was just | one of those days
But | little did we know, it could be the spark
Of what we | have been going through | so far
Three months in | and we had to stop We had to halt
We had to…rest
A rare | oddity
We thought | it will | pass in a jiffy
Yet here we are
Standing | in between uncertainties
But celebrating an oasis
We used to take them | for granted
We thought, we lost this year
We thought, this | too shall be forgotten
But we | are actually winning
Glad are we still alive
Glad do we witness | the battle we used to see
In a regular
It is almost | the end…of the year
Those past months | just come | and go | without the trace
Just sit tight and carry on
Are we still winning?
Will we see the sun
For long we are longing
Sit tight…
- Ibi, 26th of December 2020
Episode ini merupakan bagian dari tantangan #30HariBersuara dari @thepodcasters.id di Instagram.
Sounds Used: Apocalypse by SYBS

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