All About Relationships


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February is the Looove Month, and so we have decided to focus on Relationships! Your relationship with your husband and your kids, but even more importantly, your relationship with YOURSELF and with God!
In this episode, Dr. Baylis teaches on cultivating these relationships and the importance of cultivating a deep relationship with God first and with yourself.

It seems like somewhat a hierarchy, but is really more circular when you think about it, starting in the center and radiating out through the others.… Sometimes this can be uncomfortable to admit, but the health of one relationship affects our relationship with all of the others – either positively or negatively.

The idea goes like this, picture a circle:

God is in the center with you, then Your husband, your kids/family, your inner circle, and then your outer circle. In this episode, I will be focusing on relationship with God and yourself, because we are going to focus on our husbands and kids in future episodes coming out later this month!! Yay!

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