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The world is full of noise, and all too often that noise attempts to drown out the message of hope that moms so desperately need to hear.

As mothers we are constantly pouring out and pouring out, emptying our well and not taking the time to refill. We often do not have strategies in place to help us manage much of anything. The lack of routine has become the routine of chaos, and as a result we are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and emotionally exhausted.

We are losing ourselves in the mess of life. God’s voice gets softer and softer in the background as we rely on our own strength continuing to operate as an empty vessel.

When God’s voice is in the background, we find obedience more difficult. We find grounding in our lives more difficult, and we start to lose sense of who we are.

However, when we hear the Lord’s voice and we are walking in our calling, we are not afraid to take that leap of faith in obedience because we KNOW we heard Him. We have systems that help us streamline our everyday life so that we can give our best – to our family, but also to ourselves!

Living from this place of obedience creates a streamlined life that allows you to walk in freedom, secure in who you are created to be. You have emerged from your cocoon! You are no longer liquid, so easily squished. You are a fully functioning, beautiful, sparkle spreading butterfly! You drink the sweet nectar of self-care and distribute that stuff everywhere! Shining your light, impacting others, and being who you were created to be!

Momma, you are happy, pouring out because you are filled to overflowing! You have filled yourself with the Spirit of God and His word. You have filled yourself with self-care. You have made space in your life, your mind, and your vision so you have room to be filled with the right things so that now you can pour out the right things.

It is our calling to help you reach this level of freedom, to understand who you were created to be, and to walk fully in your purpose.

We created this podcast to do just that! We craft each episode to speak to a specific challenge in motherhood, leaving you feeling inspired and equipping you with tools to make changes that will propel you on the path to your calling. We will interview experts who specialize in areas that can help us grow. We will also hear stories from moms of all walks of life who have made IT happen in their own lives. You can look forward to learning, laughing, crying, and connecting with moms just like you.

From daily routines to slaying giants, we are going to talk about things that matter, help you find a balance that works for you, and tackle mindsets that hold you back.


We are moms, wives, business owners, and ministers. We have a ministry, counseling, and educational background that we draw from to empower and inspire other moms to pursue their purpose and identity in Christ. We have lived many seasons of motherhood that help us relate to moms in all walks of life, and we want to cheerlead you through these seasons as you rock even the most difficult challenges.

"I'm Dr. Baylis" and "I'm Jackie Bailey" and this is Point of Decision, Mom's Making an Impact for the Kingdom of God!
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