Inequity in Health Care Delivery


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In this episode of Population Healthy Season 3: Race, Inequity, and Closing the Health Gap, we talk with experts about how inequities occur in health care settings and how who you are can impact your quality of care. Research has found that people of color may not only have less access to health care, but that the quality of care they do receive may also be lesser, and they may even face discrimination from providers. All of these factors can lead to dangerous outcomes such as a reluctance to seek care, delayed treatment, or even misdiagnoses.
During the past year, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to the forefront the deep inequities our country faces in health care delivery as AfricanAmericans and other racial minorities were infected, hospitalized, and dying from COVID-19 at a higher rate than other populations. We’ll explore new technologies that may have the potential to increase access to quality health care and what work is being done by health care leadership to address race based inequities in health care delivery.

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