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Today we’ll be covering Infantile GERD, going along with this month’s theme, Gastroenterology. If you haven’t listened to our podcast before, each week we have a case-based discussion about a medical topic to help you study for the pediatric medicine board exam. Episodes are released every weekend, and the case is then reviewed and reinforced on social media throughout the week.

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Today’s Case:

A 4 month old female presents for a well child check. She has been otherwise healthy and is growing along her growth curve of approximately the 50th percentile. Mom mentions concerns for frequent spit ups after nearly every breastfeed. The infant is not distressed or bothered by these episodes. The spit up resembles breast milk, and there is no bile or blood in the spit up. Mom describes that the spit up dribbles down the infant’s chin and is not projectile. What is the most appropriate first line intervention for this infant?

  1. Thickening feeds (either with rice cereal or using a commercially available thickened formula)
  2. Starting a histamine-2 receptor antagonist
  3. Reassurance, along with modifying feeding practices and positioning
  4. Changing to either a casein hydrolysate formula or an amino acid formula
  5. Starting a proton pump inhibitor

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