Ep. 31: Boredom (with Chinmay Dhandhania)


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When are you most bored? Are children more prone to boredom than adults? Inactivity vs. boredom Is boredom related to imagination, motivation, energy? Boredom as a lack of freedom Boredom from entertainment overload Boredom as a source of innovation and creativity Commercial: Bartholomew’s School for Active Children Are we more bored as a society than we used to be? Choice paralysis / overload / FOMO Boredom and dissatisfaction Are people with depression more prone to boredom? Being bored during work vs. leisure time Is any event inherently boring or does it vary by person? Is boredom about choice? Is boredom one cause of drug abuse? Are some people more prone to boredom than others? Are the thrill-seekers among us the more prone to boredom? Embrace the boredom

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