202 Coffee Break: Questions About Decision Making and Prayer


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In a follow-up to last week's episode (Prayer and Decision Making), we take some time to unpack some specific questions about the role of prayer in making decisions. Tune in for a deep dive into some great questions! (Since airing last week's episode we've gotten even more questions in, so look for more coffee breaks with similar questions in the not-too-far-off-future!)

Here's a list of some of the pre-emptive prayers Alana mentions in the episode that can help us cover ourselves, our loved ones, and our plans in prayer on a regular basis:

Show me clearly if I'm about to veer off your plans.

Reveal things I need to be praying for my loved ones.

Let me not cause harm to anyone.

Show me how to pray.

Help me to live a surrendered life.

Sanctify my intuition.

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