Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ Gabriel Quijas, Darrell Neely, Danny Benten


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So after taking a few months off to get my medical stuff in order I've finally come back to do another show and it was on Halloween no less. Tonight I had a fun time as I welcomed a new comer inside Tha Jackals Head his name is Gabriel Quijas who's got his own show on Facebook and on other platforms online and he's on the same political page as myself, and fellow podcasters who also joined in tonight Darrell Neely from G.E.R.N, and we witnessed the return of one Mr Danny Benten who's returned from his hiatus to the world of radio. This one was a blast and nothing but realism is being spoken here folks. The future is in our hands. Are you ready? Powered by Public Streaming Network To listen live remember check out first! Share this podcast pages. Also check out Angels Patreon page over at

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