Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ Steve Hudgeons Jr


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Hello friends before the month is over I'm happy to bring on for the first time on this show someone who I was lucky to meet at the 2016 Mufon symposium and who we had on before on Skywatchers Radio the one and only Mr. Steve Hudgeons Jr Websites for more info! He happens to be someone very important for those of us fans of MUFON and the good work they do... Let's talk about who he is for a second.. Born January 21, 1950 in Fort Worth, Texas. Graduated 1968 at Diamond Hill Jarvis. Joined the US Navy 1969 and has 4 ½ years of honorable service and 3 ½ years of honorable service in the US Navy Reserve. Steve joined MUFON in 1991 and has conducted independent investigations on UFOs for the past 20 years. During this time, he has investigated over 200 cases for MUFON. In 1995 Steve was appointed as Texas Chief Investigator. He was part of the original Star Team conducting Star Team investigations in Texas. In 2008 he lead a group of Field Investigators to Stephenville / Dublin, Texas to investigate what is now known as “The Stephenville Lights.” In 2009 he became the MUFON State Director of Texas until 2012. Steve has 20 years of community service with many volunteer organizations, such as, Little League, Neighborhood Council, Community Policing with the Fort Worth Police Department, C.O.P Search Team, C.O.P. Base Radio Operator. Steve is an Estimator, Draftsman, OSHA Outreach Trainer, and Safety Director for a multi-million dollar construction company. He is also was at one point the host of The Texas UFO Radio Show. He's also the owner of a very life like Alien Gray sculpture who we got to check out in person over in 2016 when me and the Skywatchers Radio crew met him in person. Great guy, and I've wanted to have him on here for sometime... Look forward to having him on the show, and having a chat with him about where stand today as I do think we're coming closer than ever to disclosure. Steve he's an excellent person to talk to about disclosure, and what exactly is happening in the world of ufology! I'm so looking forward to having him on the show. Quick time shift on the show: The show airtime starts at 9pm Est. as usual our guest enters the call an hour into the show now at 10pm Est. and we go for an hour-long chat. The show moved up an hour due to work hour changes at my other job.

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