S3: Episode 19: Establishing boundaries with the ex and forming your own family with guest, Miranda


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Many stepmoms have felt the pressures and expectations to fit into an already established family unit. Do you want to spend every holiday with the ex? What if you don't want the photo-op blended life? What if it's feeling a little too "sister-wife" and you're needing to create some boundaries? Meet Miranda, a stepmom who had to alter the expectations placed on her to fit her own comfort level. How has she advocated for herself to create the life she wants? Listen in! About My Guest: Miranda is an engaged step-mom-to-be already living the stepmom life. Having fertility issues she believed meeting someone with a child would allow her the opportunity to share her mom heart and build a family of her own. Little did she know, she was entering a situation with an already established family unit that would require her to navigate what she describes as an “over blend” and advocate for having a family dynamic of her own. So much more than a podcast!!! @radicalstepmomspodcast Want to schedule a 1:1 session or become a Radical Member? Head to my website! www.radicalstepmomspodcast.com **This episode is sponsored by StepMom Magazine. Use discount code: Radical20 to save 20% ** --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/radicalstepmoms/message

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