091 Remedy Separation Anxiety in Cats & What to Look For To Find a Good Dog Trainer.


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Can cats experience separation anxiety as we start leaving them alone more as we return to working outside the home? Yes, they can. I’ll explain how they may exhibit anxiety and what you can do to distract them after you’ve left or prevent them from becoming unnerved in the first place.

To find a good dog trainer, what should you be looking for regarding their credentials and what are the first big questions to ask them. Louie Torres, the CEO and founder of Unleashed Consulting, a company that helps dog trainers grow their business, found himself in the position of desperately needing a dog trainer and his journey led to the saving of his relationship with his girlfriend, a changed dog and a complete refocusing of his business working with dog trainers. You’ll enjoy this second part of the conversation with Mr. Torres.

Does your cat have a silly or annoying habit to wake you up in the morning? Hear about a cat who knew exactly who to focus his attention on and how to get the person to let him out, in this week’s creature feature.

Additional Resources for the Show.

Source for the story about cat separation anxiety – ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems in your Multi-CAT Household by Amy Shojai.

Unleased Marketing – Louie Torres’s website.

Source for the creature feature – Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin.

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