Podcast Episode 135.1 – RURAL ROMANCE by Alexa Riley


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Our audiobook tease this week is Rural Romance by Alexa Riley Shelly loves making art and creating tattoos, but sometimes it can be a lonely life in the big city. When her online best friend makes an offer she can’t refuse, she’s packing a bag for the country. Westley can’t think of anyone he cares for more than Shelly, so to celebrate their gallery show, he invites her to Pink Springs. But one look at the dark-haired bombshell and suddenly he’s wanting to be more than friends. Warning: Can you really fall in love over emails? You betcha! Watch Wess get his HEA with the one he least expects. EBook Rural Romance » https://bit.ly/36QBfPL Giveaway » https://bit.ly/3BuJdfF More books by Alexa Riley » https://bit.ly/2N3bkxu Other Books Mentioned Mariana Zapata Wall of Winnipeg From Lukov with Love Kulti Ice planet series - on Chirp through Libraries Neon Gods on Spotify RMR Website: https://bit.ly/3ifFIyw Weekly New Release: https://bit.ly/30iDete Follow Read Me Romance on Instagram: https://geni.us/uUVdVeY Join Read Me Romance Headquarters on FB: https://geni.us/IdL7B Find Alexa Riley on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2HGrxp Read Me Romance Theme Song by L.B. Ballard Podcast Production by Lola

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