Podcast Episode 140.1 – JAKEN by Joanna Blake


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Our audiobook this week is JAKEN by Joanna Blake I’ve been on the run for years. I never had a reason to take a stand. Not until I met her. She’s in trouble when I first meet her. A damsel in distress. I can’t stop myself from rescuing her, and I lose my heart in the process. I find out everything I can about the girl. She’s a survivor. A warrior. Raising five siblings on her own, kicking butt, and looking great doing so. I set a plan in motion to make her mine. But when she finds out the truth about who I am and where I came from, the house of cards I built falls to pieces. I’m going to have to come clean and clear my name once and for all. The question is, even if I can fix the past, am I good enough for an angel like her? More Joanna Blake - https://amzn.to/3BEK1Oh Blake's Bombshells FB group - https://bit.ly/3zEspBq Other Book Mentioned Wait for It and Lingus by Mariana Zapata RMR Website: https://bit.ly/3ifFIyw Weekly New Release: https://bit.ly/30iDete Follow Read Me Romance on Instagram: https://geni.us/uUVdVeY Join Read Me Romance Headquarters on FB: https://geni.us/IdL7B Find Alexa Riley on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2HGrxpQ Read Me Romance Theme Song by L.B. Ballard Podcast Production by Lola

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