072 The Benefits of a Coach and Mentor with Ginger Marphis


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Ginger Marphis

Becoming a realtor can be overwhelming whether you are beginning in the industry or down the road a ways.

There are many processes, strategies, and technologies to organize. Many people try to do it on their own, but much time is taken in research and testing. Why struggle through that process?

Having great guidance and support by a successful mentor can make that journey easier, faster and more fun.

Our guest Ginger Marphis is a top-notch realtor of Keller Williams here in Reno, Nevada has coached numerous students and we are going to talk about the value of having a coach.

Ginger has been a real estate agent for over 7 years, and investor in real estate for over 20 years and has been a real estate coach/mentor for 5. She has been top growth partner in her brokerage for 5 of the past 7 years and was the eagle award winner in 2019 where she was voted on by a group of her peers for all the contributions, she offered to those within her business and the community of realtors.

As an Accredited Real Estate Negotiator and Certified Real Estate Investment Analyst, she offers that little bit extra you need in a real estate agent.

Ginger & Veronica started V&G coaching in April 2021. They have coached over 50 agents and love providing a tool to those who would otherwise struggle or take the slow path to success.

Success looks different to everyone and their personalized coaching strategy offers so many systems and tools as well as one-on-one goal setting and brainstorming sessions.


We would like to offer a complimentary real estate coaching/strategy session for any realtors (value $100). Any non-realtors, we'd like to offer a complimentary set of Pre-licensing Courses for Realtors interested in getting their real estate license (Value $650)

We have an online Event called "How to use your real estate license to earn $100K+" on April 5th.






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