100 - 100th Episode! Reflection on the first 100 Episodes


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Scott and James reflect on the first 100 episodes of the Real Personal Finance Podcast.

Planning Points Discussed

  • Retirement Planning
  • Utilizing Time Efficiently
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Purchasing Power
  • Other issues (IRAs, Inflation, Financial Goals, etc.)

Episodes Mentioned:

Episode 83: 4 Things You Can Invest In

Episode 16: Budgeting Sucks, Do This Instead


1:30 - Introduction

4:15 - The Magic of Compounding

5:45 - Which Episode Received The Most Downloads?

7:20 - Understanding Your Vision

9:14 - Where Do I Start With My Financial Journey?

12:02 - The Power of Automation

15:10 - How We Started The Podcast

15:45 - Thank You Listeners!



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