RR 006 - Hayley Duhon: Closing the Appraisal Gap


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Hayley Duhon is one of the hardest working salespeople in the housing finance industry. Hayley is a second-generation Mortgage Banker and covers Central Texas for Arch MI. We discuss how to use private mortgage insurance to help keep deals in process on track for closing in today’s modern lending environment.

Arch Capital Group Ltd. (Arch Capital or ACGL), a publicly listed Bermuda exempted company, writes insurance, reinsurance and mortgage insurance on a worldwide basis with a focus on specialty lines. The combination of our underwriting platform, our experienced management team and our strong capital base have enabled us to establish a prominent presence in the global insurance and reinsurance markets.

We seek to increase shareholder value through three main strategic principles:

  • Selectively pursue diverse specialty markets where we can apply our knowledge and expertise;
  • Maintain flexibility and responsiveness to allow us to take advantage of market opportunities when they arise; and
  • Maintain a disciplined underwriting approach to enable us to select risks and price them appropriately in all phases of the insurance cycle.

More information on Arch MI here: https://mortgage.archgroup.com/us/

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