RR 022 – Positivity is a Strategy – Recruiting with Deanna Reich


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Deanna Reich is a master recruiter, sunshine provider, talent igniter, and multipotentialite. We learn how to not be a Negatron, how to be a break instead of a burden, and how to be a break instead of a burden.

Deanna is active on all social media and can be found by googling “Deanna Reich.”

Deanna’s company DroneUp is About People. Our teams are pioneers, creating surprising access to drone solutions by making the complex simple. We make business stronger by breaking barriers and we invent new solutions by finding a new direction.

DroneUp empowers teams to innovate the best, most efficient solutions for our clients. We obsess over [sometimes crazy] new ideas in solving difficult problems.

We make drones an exciting solution for more people.

Our Mission

To make drone services good for everyone, our mission is to be the most open and flexible flight services partner in the industry — an integrated platform that makes drones the most simple, efficient way for businesses to reach their communities.

More information on DroneUp at: https://www.droneup.com/

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