Fix the mind修自己的心


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Fix the mind

When we focus our attention on the outsideworld, we forget to “fix the mind”, which is the core of cultivation.

When judging others as wrong, we must tryto understand their true intentions instead of being caught by formalities;when accepting others as good, to observe their action is enough, we do notneed to dig their intentions.” This is the key to self-cultivation, also theprerequisite of helping others. Many people do it the other way around. Seeingothers’ faults, they keep on criticizing and repelling them, with no patiencefor explanations nor intention to understand them. Seeing others’ doing gooddeeds, they tend to suspect their motivation and find fault with theirattitudes.

What we need, in dealing with people andhandling things, is to choose the focus of our thinking process instead ofsheer analysis of the outside environment. The purpose is to fix our mind, tokeep it wholesome, pure and rid of afflictions.





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