I can figure this out 我可以去想办法


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I can figure this out

To fear andworry about imaginary difficulties is nothing but your own illusions. Even ifnothing occurs, you might already be flooded by waves of pessimistic illusions.

Those who’velost their mindfulness tend to think that “what if I cannot do it?” However,those with mindfulness believe that “I can try to figure this out.”

For thosewithin your reach, just make efforts for it. For those beyond your capacity,you can sow the right seeds in the first place.

Whatever theexternal circumstances, it is necessary to dwell your mind in the presentmoment rather than struggle with the past or fret over the future.

Living in the present moment is to alive both inone’s body and mind, with no illusions nor worries or fear. In such a state,the mind does not wander about but concentrates and dwells at ease in thecurrent moment. With such a mind, one is aware of what he is doing right nowand what it has to do with his past and future.

In contrast, the idea of Carpe Diem merely steals“living in the present moment” as an excuse for advocating hedonism anddisregarding the future.



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