Nice Guys Are Prone to Be Bullied1-人善被人欺?1


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Greetings,Master. I am always worried that nice guys areprone to be bullied.


Why doyou think so?


I wascheated when I aroused my kindness to help others. It is so hard to be a goodperson, should I insist on being kind?


Afterencountering setbacks, misunderstandings or even injury from the “recipients”in the process of doing good, many feel that kind people are easily hurt. Thisis because they do not know why to be kind, but always expect something inreturn. Once their expectations cannot be fulfilled, they will feel wronged,confused and unfair ... actually, it is naive to think that everything will gowell simply by doing good. It is the persistence of doing good under all circumstances that arousesthe mind of Bodhisattva and manifests the principle of doing good being one’sown business.

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