The key to spiritual cultivation 道理对了,就对了吗?


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The key to spiritual cultivation

To be the oretically right does not meanone’s heart is “right”. The key to spiritual cultivation is to be mindful of this heart all the time, observing whether it is good or bad, sad or happy.When it is not happy, it is suffering. Then it is time to change. How to change one’s perception, thoughts and behavior? Instead of criticizing others, one should discipline oneself. Transform the heart of repulsion to one of compassion. Replace words of indifference to those of warmth.

People are often trapped by afflictions. It is no use to reason. When we insist on reasoning to find right or wrong, we,too, fall into the big pit of afflictions. When the afflictions from the two sides encounter and mess around, how can we have a peaceful mind? When we are really peaceful in mind, whatever verbal abuse is merely like a gust of wind,passing by without leaving any trace. It is just like when we are in a happy mood, we won’t mind at all even to meet someone who is disrespectful to us.

In fact, everyone is capable of making the right decision if their heart is still powerful. All wrong decisions are made when their makers are blinded by afflictions. At this time, it is difficult for him or her to listen to right suggestion, as the inner heart has lost the ability to absorb virtuous Dharma. Instead of lecturing him or her with principles, it is better to be there, to listen to, and to encourage them, as well as to do things together, helping them restore their inner peace and strength, then trust them to make the right choice and decision.





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