Turn the mind to a new direction 把心转一个方向


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Turn the mind to a new direction

The Buddha Dharma believes that “the mindis like a painter.” Everything in the world, beautiful or ugly, good or bad, areall drawn by our mind. Take for example the photo of our parents, it is nothingbut a piece of paper in others’ eyes. For us, however, it is a symbol of heart-warminglove. At the sight of it, a range of virtuous thoughts such as longing for them,repaying their kindness and shame for not being there for them, will arise to softenour heart, to give us more strength to forge ahead.

The outside circumstances are reflectionsmirrored in our mind. One is apt to view what lies there in one’s mind. We seeindifference when our heart is icy; we see selfishness when our heart is shutfrom the outside world. Only when our heart is bright and generous, can we seethe warmth and hope of the outward circumstances.

Therefore, do not repel the outside conditions,nor ourselves. All we need to do is to turn the mind to a new direction, toreflect upon the beauty.



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