192: NOT Clockworking is not an option with Yuri + Efren


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Today on the podcast we’re joined by our August “Clockie” winners Efren and Yuri to talk all about what it’s been like to Clockwork their appliance business.

After starting in a storage unit without any AC or restrooms and growing to a bloated team of 12, they are now operating a lean and efficient team of 5, and have navigated all of the challenges those changes have brought.

They were nominated because of their perseverance as they’ve Clockworked their business, and their willingness to keep trying new things until they find the system or framework that works best for their business.

Efren started Frontline Appliances in 2016 to serve customers by providing affordable refurbished appliances matched with reliable service, and was later joined in the business by his partner Yuri.

Since enrolling in the Accelerator program in 2021 they have clarified their vision, drastically increased their efficiency, and maintained their revenue. And the best part? They’ve increased profits, employee pay, and their wages at the same time!. In their words “this is not to say times are always great as we’ve learned that Clockworking is continuous but we could not imagine NOT Clockworking our business!”

You can learn more about how to work with us to Clockwork your business, including the new offers we’ve created, at www.clockworkaccelerator.com

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