Ep39| A Good Story| with Shola Lawal


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She is an illustrious Lagos-based freelance journalist and filmmaker who has written for the New York Times, Deutsche-Welle, Mail & Guardian and the Christian Science Monitor, to name a few. She has also been featured on Aljazeera and won the Future Awards Africa Prize for Journalism in 2019, covering stories about the environment, human rights, migration, conflict, and gender issues, predominantly in West Africa.

She bares it all in this conversation where we get to discover her inner child, where her story began, what drives her journalism and storytelling and where the moral compass of media lies in the chaos of it all. We gain insight into the realities of life as a freelance writer, whether media is or can be unbias and most importantly the importance of individuality, applying the human element, and failure on your journey to becoming the best writer you can be.

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