Ep40| Morality in the Media| with Busisiwe Xaba


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"The youth pastor that played prostitute". In this episode I speak to the lovely young actress, youth pastor, creative and entrepreneur that took on the role of "Palesa", the "girl-next-door" turned prostitute, on the popular South African flagship, Generations: The Legacy. We question the level of morality one can have in the media industry, and what it takes to maintain your relationship with God while chasing your creative dream. We also speak of the temptations, shortcomings lessons and laughs along the way, and come to the conclusion that the best way to understand one's journey is indeed to walk in their shoes, physically or allow yourself to view them through the eyes of love rather than judgment, and through the character of Palesa, Busi gets to do exactly that. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sakinaspeaks/message

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