BONUS: Season 1 Highlights!


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What's that? A BONUS episode! Yes, it's true. Season 1 might be over, but we're still feeling inspired by all of the artists and creative people who shared their time with us and engaged in super enlightening and wisdom-filled conversations. In this bonus episode, we take clips from each of the 22 episodes in season 1 that highlight the conversations that we had with the artists to whom we talked. Then, we provide brief commentaries about what we think are the biggest takeaways and elaborate to connect the through-lines that tie all of these amazing conversations together. Of course, these 30 second or 1 minute clips do not fully encapsulate all of the incredible things these artists or creative people had to share, but we think they'll give you a pretty good idea! Thank you SO much again to Judith Lemmens, Alex Garant, Autumnalwood, Peter Nevins, Allison Filice, Andy J. Pizza, Beau Stanton, Jessica Hische, Lilly Maetzig, Charles Clary, Aaron Draplin, Julia Rothman, Hollie Chastain, Demas Rusli, Benjamin Lee, Steve Jaworski, Dan Berry, Ben Eine, Emily Ward, Daria Hlazatova, Kate Davis, Sage Perrot, and Meghan Hildebrand for sharing your experiences, knowledge, and wisdom with us. Because of your artistic kindness, we will surely all be much better artists and people! And, thank YOU for listening! If some of the highlights in this bonus episode pique your creative interests, don't forget to go back to that episode afterwards and listen to the whole thing! You will not be sorry! Keep your eyes open for new episodes for next season in the future by following us on Instagram @SCHSvisualart. If you have any questions or artist suggestions for next season, email us at Thank you! ---------- Background music is "Backdrop" by Blanket Music

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