Finding Treasures: How Missing Pieces Return To The Ship


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Battleship IOWA has an uncanny knack for attracting historical treasures of all shapes, sizes, and several eras. From a guest book signed by FDR and his war cabinet to a Mark-48 bombardment computer, we're always on the lookout for things with relevance to the ship.
And opportunities to acquire such priceless artifacts and missing pieces seem to fall into our laps.
When we have these chances, what types of items are we eyeing? For example, at the end of 2020, COO Mike Getscher and a couple of our volunteers were given permission to go aboard a decommissioned ship at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard that held the Navy's last remaining cache of spare parts for battleships. What was our team looking for and what did they bring home?
Find out in this week's Scuttlebutt!
And click here for a look at the "big eyes" mentioned in the video.

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