Searching the Scriptures #4: Rapture Madness


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Can we talk about the damning lack of verses supporting the pre-Tribulation Rapture theory? It's rather absurd, really, that so many of us have fallen for this Dispensationalist invention that can only be supported by supposed types and shadows because it can't offer even a single direct verse as evidence.
Pastor Douglas Hamp joins me as my first guest on StS, and he drops some valuable insights into what the Bible does and doesn't say about the Rapture. A post-Trib convert from the pre-Trib camp, he has co-authored a new book titled Reclaiming the Rapture. You can purchase it here.
Mr. Hamp's website is


  • Why the "types and shadows" argument doesn't hold up
  • The difference between wrath and tribulation
  • The amazing prophetic overview given by Isaiah (26:16-21) that puts wrath after the resurrection
  • How the two kingdoms and the Hebraic marriage factor into the argument
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