Sara Does It All! (President - USTA TN; Local League Coordinator: Captain; Attorney) - Part 2


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What is the best and worst part of being a local league coordinator? We loved having Sara back to discuss this and more!
Sara is currently the President of USTA TN. She started with USTA as a beginner in her 30s and fell in love with it and is now an NTRP 3.5. She is a local league coordinator, has captained numerous teams, served on committees for the Southern Section, and even started a Community Tennis Association called “Jackson West-TN Tennis Association” (JWTTA). She served as the Secretary, and then President of the CTA board and now she is Past-President. She also works on programming locally and manages the JWTTA website and social media pages. Basically, Sara does it all!
We are excited to team up with Michelle from Tennis Warehouse and her "Talk Tennis" podcast to bring you a "TW Tip of the Week!"
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Do you know all the rules when playing USTA matches? We didn't so we made a Rules Card to help that you can download here.
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