Human Nature: Stories of Resilience


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In this week’s installment of our Human Nature series, two storytellers find resilience on the high seas.

Part 1: Tragedy strikes suddenly while Lindsay Cooper is in the field studying right whales.

Part 2: Rachel Cassandra dreams of a life on the sea, but her captain makes unwelcome advances.

Lindsay Cooper is an operations professional who started out as a whale biologist. She spent years following endangered North Atlantic right whales up and down the U.S. east coast. Now she takes her three kids to visit the Smithsonian’s Sant Ocean Hall in DC, where they can view one of her photographs in the right whale exhibit. She will always have a deep passion for conservation science and science outreach. Lindsay loves working behind the scenes to help Story Collider manage day -to-day operations. Besides hanging out with her kids, Lindsay takes time to volunteer for the local swim team and elementary school PTA. She loves coffee, pajamas, and dancing, and once a year you can find her performing with the famous Olney, MD Hip Hop Mamas.

Rachel Cassandra is a journalist and essayist, working in print and radio. She lives with her snake, Squeeze, in Oakland, California. You can find her work at This story was adapted from a piece that Rachel wrote for Narratively, here.

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