Stories of COVID-19: Under the Same Roof


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This week, we bring you two stories about negotiating life under the same roof during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part 1: When Gail Thomas moves in with her family during the pandemic, tensions brew between sisters.

Part 2: The pandemic brings Wendy Bredhold and her ex-husband back together under the same roof for Thanksgiving.

Gail is a writer/actor/storytelling coach and lawyer living in NYC. Her voiceover credits include John Cameron Mitchell’s Anthem: Homunculus, Angelo Rules, David Letterman, and Beavis and Butthead. Her short comedy, My BFF won audience favorite at New Filmmakers. As a speechwriter for over 30-world class events including the Tribeca Film Festival, her words have been uttered by Oscar winners and fancy people with great clothes. But none of that matters now, we’re in a pandemic. Gail is out walking her dog.

Wendy Bredhold works for climate and environmental justice representing the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign in Indiana and Kentucky. She lives in Evansville, Indiana with her daughter Beatrice Rose and cats, Pearl and Pinky. She loves dancing to live music, reading, writing and rabble-rousing.

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