What treasures are in our sewage?


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In Science in the News we find out the latest news where an old train got an eco friendly renovation and Igor Klymenko chats to us about his fantastic invention that detects land mines!

We have a new series on the show this week called Curious Kate, where we find out all about what electricity is. And as always we are joined by Amy to hear all about alternative fuels when it comes to flying!

It's getting spicy with the California Reaper as the subject of this weeks dangerous Dan and we hear from you and answer your science questions.

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1. Science in the news (00:01:29)

2. Feature 1: Curious Kate (00:03:09)

3. Questions (00:06:53)

4. INTERVIEW (00:09:42)

5. Dangerous Dan! (00:19:43)

6. Feature 2: Amy's Aviation (00:21:44)

7. Outro (00:26:56)

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