The FBI’s Raid on Trump Ushered In a New Era | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee & Alan Dershowitz | 8/9/22


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The FBI raided former President Trump's Florida home, and Sen. Mike Lee joins to discuss the raid's legality and what could come from the Left's weaponization of all government agencies. Glenn goes through all the ways the elites conspired to keep Trump out of office due to his "America first" mindset to reach their ultimate endgame. Professor emeritus at Harvard Law Alan Dershowitz shares his insight on the FBI's raid on Trump. Rep. Thomas Massie joins to evaluate where Republicans can go next after the Left's weaponization of the FBI. Glenn gives his message to Americans in the aftermath of the FBI raid on Trump: How we can save the American experiment. While the Left screams fascism, the real fascism seems to lie on their side.

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