The Left's Recession Scam | Guests: Rep. Victoria Spartz & John Ondrasik | 7/26/22


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Glenn breaks down a new poll that exposes how Americans are truly feeling about their country and its problems. The Democrats are scamming you when it comes to recession. Glenn reads this week's nominees for his Badge of Merit award. Rep. Victoria Spartz shares her insight on Ukraine, President Zelenskyy, and Ukraine's history of corruption. John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting joins to share his new song "Can One Man Save the World?" and discuss the global repercussions of the Russia/Ukraine war. Dawn Groves is running for Arizona attorney general and shares what she plans to do if elected. BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales joins to preview the BlazeTV special "Uncensored" with exclusive clips from renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough.

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