What You Need to Know About Copper Overload


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What do migraines, anxiety, sleep troubles, and learning issues have in common? Well, they all could stem from copper overload. Copper is a micronutrient needed in the body. But sometimes there is too much in the system. What happens in this situation. Why does copper cause these problems?

In this week’s episode of AskDrGil, I go through the problems that arise in the body as a result of excess copper. I will also discuss how total copper may not be high but may be an imbalance somewhere else in the system.

Copper overload is one of the subtypes that Dr. Walsh lists as a cause of mental illness. I have discussed methylation issues, pyroluria, heavy metals, and zinc deficiency on the Ask Dr. Gil podcast but haven’t really covered copper overload as of yet. It is an important aspect of the Walsh Protocol.

Tune in to find out more.

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