What You Need to Know about Pyroluria Testing


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My first podcast of 2018 is about pyroluria testing and pyroluria. I’ve taken a break from it because I’ve been doing some other projects when not seeing patients. I have been working on my first novel that other than a few poisonings as part of the story has little to do with medicine. But I am also working on a series of workshops for people who for whatever reason, can’t see me at my clinic or via telemedicine.

The first workshop will focus on pyroluria. What is pyroluria? It’s a sign of oxidative stress that when it arises can lead to many physical and emotional issues. You can learn more about it here. But listen to the podcast to learn more.

Dr. Gil also offers online consultations for most mental/emotional health issues using the Walsh Protocol including pyroluria, RAD, ODD, OCD, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and others.

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