What You Need to Know About the OAT Test


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The Organic Acids Test is a urine test that can be very helpful in diagnosis and treatment of many conditions, including telehealth services for mental health. In terms of mental health, I used OAT Testing to find hidden problems that may be leading to imbalances that cause emotional issues. For example, some patients appear to have a methylation issue, when in fact, the problem is that they have heavy metal toxicity. The OAT test can uncover other issues that point to a problem and help us the best nutrients for treatment.

While the test is not inexpensive, it does give us a lot of information about the body. We can uncover problems of bacterial, yeast, mold, or other types of infections. We can also determine if mitochondria, that’s the powerhouses of the cells, are working properly. We can determine if there are neurotransmitter imbalances. Finally, we can discover if there are nutrient deficiencies that other testing didn’t reveal.

Many cases of autism, pyroluria, ADD, and OCD have been solved because of the OAT test. If you have tested positive for pyroluria, for example, and the treatment made you feel worse, the OAT test may uncover the reason. I talked about biofilms in another podcast. In this podcast, I wanted to go over the details of the OAT test because it may help you decide to get the test. I can order it for you or you can work with your local physician.

This podcast goes through many details of the test. And as always feel free to send questions.

The first workshop will focus on pyroluria. What is pyroluria? It’s a sign of oxidative stress that when it arises can lead to many physical and emotional issues. You can learn more about it here.

Dr. Gil also offers online consultations for most mental/emotional health issues including RAD, ODD, OCD, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and others.

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