#355 – Bonobo & O’Flynn, Uwalmassa, Jeff Parker, Yugen Blakrok, Zombie Zombie, DJ Hank - 24 January 2022


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Hip-shakers galore on this week’s podcast, especially with the new releases from DJ Hank, Bonobo, and the irrepressible Zombie Zombie. They are interspersed amongst immense music from Yugen Blakrok, experimental sounds from Jakarta’s Uwalmassa, and stunning sounds from Tortoise’s Jeff Parker.

Elsewhere, we have skronky call-and-response between Patrick Shiroishi and Jeff Tobias, Thai production from Surin Phaksiri and Chomsawai Saentawisok and more.

Yugen Blakrok – Pedestal (I.O.T. Records, France)
Zombie Zombie – Nusquam et Ubique (Born Bad Records, France)
Uwalmassa – Majuh (Divisi62, Indonesia / Mana Records, UK)
Lou Hill – Hits (self-release, UK)
Chomsawai Saentawisok – Lam Phloen Call Me Please ショームサワイ・セーンタウィースック「ラム・プルーン わたしを指名して下さい」(EM Records, Japan)
Jacken Elswyth – Set Up (Fractal Meat Cuts, UK)
Bonobo – Otomo (feat. O’Flynn) (Ninja Tune, UK)
Jeff Parker – Four Folks (International Anthem, USA)
Patrick Shiroishi & Jeff Tobias – A2 (Topos Press, USA)
DJ Hank – Stay (Hyperdub, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

This week’s episode is sponsored by The state51 Conspiracy, a creative hub for music. Head to state51.com to find releases by JK Flesh vs Gnod, Steve Jansen, MrUnderwSood, Wire, Ghost Box, Lo Recordings, Subtext Records and many more

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