Will Republicans in Congress get away with their role in Trump's coup?


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Joshua Holland kicks off this week's show with a look at some egregious media malpractice surrounding the story of a 10-year-old rape victim forced to flee Ohio to access abortion care--and warns that it's likely just a taste of what's to come as the press both-sides right-wing officials imposing their religious beliefs on their constituents.

Then we speak with Grid misinformation reporter Anya van Wagtendonk about the far-right's latest obsession with the purported plight of Dutch farmers. It may seem obscure but it's a story being promoted by Tucker Carlson and other propagandists.

And then we are joined by John Stoehr, founding editor of The Editorial Board, to talk about what we learned in this week's January 6 Select Committee hearing and discuss why polling on the 2024 presidential contest is both beyond worthless and also consistent with the relentlessly hostile press coverage that has dogged Joe Biden's presidency from the start.

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