One Hit Wonder Where They Are Now?


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Title by Sooth Players


Ex-toast-of-the-town, Joe Shmoe, is down and out. After one hit song, one hit movie and one hit one man Broadway show, it seems like no-one wants to work with him again. That is until Debra and Donald, desperate musical theatre producers, cast him in their new musical inspired by the life of Mussolini. However, global military powerhouse, Italy, is none too happy about the way things are proceeding.

Song List: "That Famous Man, Joe Smoe" "I Like" "Come Join Us' "Teeny Dic-ta-tor" "The Missile Size Doesn't Make The Man"

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Cast: Morgan Phillips, Brenna Glazebrook, Josh Burton and Jake Leaney on keys

Teched by Jacqueline Irvine Edited by Morgan Phillips

171 episode